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  1. There is no return policy, only exchange can be made for the same amount or higher than that. Keeping the similar category of the product, subject to availability. The information must be given to customer care on calling our helpline numbers within 48 hrs of receipt of the goods.
  2. If the product(s) arrives at your door with apparent damage, Please refuse to sign it and then contact us immediately
  3. Please allow us 7 business days to assess your return or exchange request.


  1. Only items that specify a warranty provider and a warranty time frame on the item product page at time of purchase are eligible for warranty.
  2. Warranties do not cover faults caused by misuse, physical damage, water damage, software viruses or the use of operating systems, programs or accessories that are not genuine and/or not approved by manufacturer.
  3. To benefit from any existing warranty, please provide the original invoice to the specified service centre detailed below.
  4. If you were not satisfied with the response of any of the service centres, please get in touch with us and we will make sure you get the treatment you deserve.

Delivery Policy:

  1. Once you have received the order, we will ask you for your electronic or physical signature. Your signature will be a confirmation that you have received all items purchased in the order.
  2. If you are not present at the specified delivery address, we can deliver the order to a person at the specified address and their signature on the order will be a confirmation that you have received all items purchased in the order.
  3. If we reach your address and fail to deliver the order, please contact our customer service department to arrange an alternative delivery time. We will not be responsible for any orders that are not delivered within a period of 15 days after the day of purchase.

Contact Us:

  1. 24 hrs helpline no
  2. Email
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