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Terms & Conditions:

  1. The role of the website is limited to showing and exhibiting the products in the website ( and this according to defined set prices and technical qualifications for every exhibited product through the website. This will be in compliance with the agreement between the administrations of the website. Under 21 age of customer not allowed to buy tobacco products. If we found any orders under 21 or while delivery time . We will cancel the order and refund money
  2. Registration of the user in the website means that he accepted to purchase any of these exhibited products according to the stated conditions and technical qualifications via the website (, and it is considered as a declaration with his full civil capacity in submitting his purchasing order. The administration of this website is not responsible in any case for any registration of any false data by any other user, and the administration of the website is entitled to be compensated for any harm that may be incurred as a result of showing any false data by any user according to the public rules of responsibility.
  3. The right of the user of this website is limited to purchase only the exhibited products in the website without having any right of ownership of the items, which are the property of the administration of the website.
  4. The administration of the website is committed to delivering the purchased products by any of its users as per their delivery schedule, starting from the date of submitting the purchase order and paying the value of the products through this electronic website according to the defined way in the website through the specified address of the user in the purchase order, provided that the service of delivery doesn't exceed the borders of the state of Kuwait.
  5. The above mentioned duration in the previous clause doesn't include Fridays, vacations, and the official holidays which are applicable in the State of Kuwait. It must be taken into consideration that there is a fee of (shall be decided later on) Two Kuwaiti Dinars will be imposed at every process of delivery for the purchased products through the website.
  6. The administration of the website is not responsible for delivery in case of that the user changed his address of delivery that has been specified by him or in case of his  unavailability in the address specified by the user and the delivery representatives of the company. It must be taken in consideration that the employees of The Customer Service Centre, belonging to the administration of the website, will call the user in advance to make sure of the date and the place of delivery of the defined products.
  7. The Administration of the website is entitled to impose a new delivery fee in case of a change of address by the user, or in case of his unavailability in this address according to the previous held agreement between the user and the representatives of the website, and these fees shall be paid upon delivery of the purchased to the representatives of the administration of the website. In all cases the limits of responsibility of the owners and administration of the website towards others concerning delivering the purchased products shall be confined with the limits of the fees of delivery that has been paid by the user via the website.
  8. The user of this website is committed to a receipt that has been prepared only for this purpose by the administration of the website in time of delivering these defined products which has been submitted by the user himself or by his representative. The user or his representatives don't have the right in any case to refuse to sign the receipt. In case the user or his representatives refused to sign on this receipt, the representatives of the administration of the website have the right to refuse to deliver the defined products and this without any liability on the administration of the website.
  9. The signature of the user or his representative on the receipt of the representatives of the administration of the website, is considered a declaration from him of receiving the defined products which have been submitted by him via the website, and that the products are in a good state and usable according to the stated technical qualifications in the website. The user doesn't have the right in any case to inform any reservation on signing on the receipt with receiving the products. In case there is any reservation concerning this point by the user on receiving the products, this reservation is considered as null and there is no consideration of it in facing the administration of the website or others.
  10. This website and all processes of purchasing of the exhibited products by any one of its users are subjected to the laws and the list of rules applicable in The state of Kuwait. The courts of The State of Kuwait are the only competent courts for separating in any disputes that may result between the administration of the website and its users or others when submitting for any purchasing process or interpreting and executing any of its set conditions of dealing. All of issues that haven't been mentioned in these conditions and provisions, the set public items and rules in the laws and the lists of rules in Kuwait shall be applicable